10 Easy Tips for Effective Self-Hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is safe, easy and effective. There are any number of methods you can use to perform self-hypnosis. I will be discussing some of these in future articles. The method which I prefer, which I teach to some of my clients and which I use on myself, is one which works best if you have already had some experience of hypnosis with a qualified hypnotist / hypnotherapist. There are a great many other products such as CDs of recorded sessions, downloads etc. Personally I don’t like this “one size fits all” approach. It is far better to learn and master a technique and then use it in your own way for your own purposes.

When you have found the technique which suits you best, here are 10 tips to help you use self-hypnosis effectively:

1. Allow enough time. Self hypnosis usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes to perform. Give yourself enough time – don’t try to rush it!

2. Choose your moment. Don’t pick a time when you’re unduly stressed, pressured or exhausted.

3. Get comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you do self-hypnosis seated in a chair or lying down. If you want to do it seated, choose a comfortable chair, preferably with good head support. Loosen any tight clothing.

4. Avoid alcohol or excessive caffeine. If you try to do self-hypnosis after a night down the pub the chances are that you’ll simply fall asleep. If you don’t fall asleep you will probably lose focus and forget what you’re supposed to be doing. Excessive caffeine may make it difficult to relax and unwind.

5. Minimize interruption. Put the cat out. Get someone to take the dog for a walk. Maybe switch the phone off.

6. Clarify your aims. Be clear about what you want your self-hypnosis session to achieve. Don’t overload the session with a great big shopping list of aims and issues. It doesn’t work like that! Concentrate on one thing at a time.

7. Use only 1 or 2 basic suggestions. Suppose you want to make some dietary changes. Don’t try to memorize an entire diet sheet! Keep it simple: “Today I simply won’t want to eat sweets. I just won’t feel like having any crisps.”

8. If your session gets interrupted, don’t worry! The neighbour will pop round, the doorbell will go, the council will start digging up the road just when you don’t want them to. That’s life! If you have to end your session before you’ve finished there’s no harm done. But always give yourself a few moments to “come round”. Don’t leap up to answer the door – it might make you a bit dizzy. It’s probably only double-glazing salesmen anyway!

9. Allow yourself to “come round” at the end of the session. Same advice here as above. Don’t suddenly leap up from where you’ve been sitting / lying. Even if you feel that you didn’t go very “deep” you probably went deeper than you realize. Take your time to come round.

10. Repeat and reinforce. Sometimes one session is enough. Sometimes a couple. Don’t hesitate to repeat sessions until you get the results you want. They will come!

Self hypnosis is an ideal way for making those small but important changes. And, as I always say, small changes soon add up to big changes…

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