Save Our West Sussex Footpaths!

December 5th, 2011

Just one more “off topic” post and then I’ll return to matters relating to hypnosis and hypnotherapy – promise!

I read an article in the West Sussex County Times (Nov 17th) about the denial of access to Denne Hill via the Old Coach Road and felt saddened and concerned.

I’ve lived in Horsham for most of my life. And ever since I can remember, people have used the Old Coach Road as an access to Denne Hill. I myself would use it once or twice a month en route to the Downs Link path to Shoreham. Never once did anyone challenge my right to do so. When it was closed off some years ago I simply stopped using it on the assumption that there must be some legal basis for the denial of access. But, on further reflection, this cannot be the case.

I am a very keen walker. I frequently walk from Horsham to destinations such as Steyning, Guildford, East Grinstead and Arundel as well as treading the network of local footpaths which are one of the many joys of living in West Sussex. I don’t say that people should have the right to roam anywhere, as I believe they do in Scotland. I think that it is only fair that farmers should have somewhere to graze their dodgy bulls or frisky horses without risk of contact from the general public. I respect the property through which I walk and, in turn, appreciate the efforts of landowners to keep me safe from hazard. Read the rest of this entry »

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