In a previous article I explained the reasons why I don’t offer virtual gastric band treatments for weight loss. It was not my intention to suggest that treatments which include the “fitting” of a virtual gastric band are never successful. However it seems highly likely that the success in such cases is in fact due to other factors.

I referred to a Daily Mail article in which a person had, it seems, been successfully treated for weight loss using a virtual gastric band. But the article makes it clear that the person concerned had around ten sessions of hypnotherapy and was put on an extremely radical diet. It was this, I would suggest, which caused the weight loss, not the virtual gastric band. The VGB could easily have been omitted and the treatment would still have been a success, at least in the short term. This treatment package, successful though it was (in the short term) is a far cry from the one-session “magic wand” type of treatment which clients hope for when they sign up for VGB treatments.

If the VGB is just some gimmick, attractive to prospective clients but ultimately ineffective, then responsible therapists should have nothing to do with it. If, on the other hand, the VGB is sometimes effective, at least in some circumstances, then further work needs to be done to refine the technique and to make it more effective than it appears to be at present.

The problem is that VGB treatments have not been subjected to clinical or scientific scrutiny – at least, as far as I am aware. It goes without saying that I do not regard “testimonials” posted on websites as scientific proof of anything whatsoever. In the absence of any hard scientific data I am forced to rely upon what I hear from clients or from others.

So far the news has not been good. I have met several people who have had VGB treatments, usually at great expense, and not one has reported a success.

But do you have a different view? What’s your story? I would be very interested to hear of your experiences of VGB treatments or of your accounts of friends, family members etc, who have had such treatments. My present, negative view of VGB treatments is based upon my own knowledge and experience of hypnotherapy and upon what those who have experienced it have told me. But I am still prepared to keep an open mind.

So, if you have a story to tell and don’t wish to publish it on this page then do email me at or drop me a line at 5 Cambridge Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5ED. All communications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

I look forward to hearing from you…

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