There is always something very satisfying in helping another person to stop smoking. As an ex-smoker myself I know that stopping smoking is not the easiest thing in the world. As a hypnotherapist, to help someone quit is to rid them of a deadly and unsociable habit and also to save them money. Money spent on fags soon adds up.

Mike Till – a client from several years ago – contacted me recently for information about a matter unrelated to smoking. My smoking cessation treatment had successfully broken his smoking habit and he is, to this day, still smoke-free! Of his own volition, quite unprompted by me, he offered this testimonial to my treatment:

”With a baby on the way in my second marriage I was getting really fed up of being a slave to cigarettes and felt I really HAD to do something more definite than the usual game of ‘cutting down’ or giving up for a week- just to prove I could quit any time I wanted…………. which clearly I couldn’t. I would be up early in the morning to fill up on the cigarettes I’d missed while I was asleep and, at 40 a day, too much of my day was being spent smoking. I needed to give up before the baby arrived in March 2006, otherwise I knew I would really struggle afterwards.

I had read the Allen Carr book and, although it all made sense, it didn’t really ‘do it’ for me. In January 2006 I was recommended to Neil by someone who had given up smoking with his help. Although he wasn’t local to us it was a sensible suggestion so I made contact.

I made one visit at which Neil explained that he would be able to tell me by the end of the session if he could help- which he said he could. He then told me to come back in two weeks time and he would be able to send me away as a non-smoker as long as I really wanted to stop.

On visit two, having travelled the hour journey and arrived in Horsham very,very early, I parked the car in a country park a couple of miles from town and then chain-smoked the last few cigarettes from my pack. In the meantime I managed to flatten the car battery by running the radio and aircon without the engine running. When it was time for the appointment the car wouldn’t start and I had to ring Neil, whose wife came out to collect me.

At the end of session two I felt no different but at least I didn’t have any cigarettes left so that was a good start. I won’t pretend that the next couple of weeks were fun but the knowledge that I was a non-smoker was a great help and stopped me in my tracks.

Seven years on I know I am a life-long non-smoker. I have never faultered or been tempted. Why would I? I’m a non-smoker!

Thanks Neil. There is no point in pretending I could have done it without you. Actually I could have given up lots of times over the last seven years instead of just once and finally.”

Mike Till- Liphook
May 2013

Many thanks Mike. Best wishes to you and your family


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