I have been practicing as a hypnotherapist for over twenty years. For about fifteen of those twenty years, smoking cessation was one of the most popular issues which clients wanted me to treat. There has been a reduced demand for this treatment over recent years and the main reason is that instead of quitting smoking more and more people are turning to “e cigarettes”, or vaping.


How many times have you heard people say “I’ve given up smoking – I just do this now” as they pull out a weird smelling contraption, put it in their mouths and inhale the flavoured vapour rich in nicotine. Have they really quit smoking? Is it really “Job Done”?


There can be little doubt that vaping is less harmful than smoking tobacco. You lungs don’t get silted up with tar and therefore there is considerably less risk of lung cancer. I am in no doubt that it is better to vape than to smoke. But is there a downside to vaping?


The answer has to be yes, for the following reasons:


  1. Long term health risks of vaping have yet to be determined.


E cigarettes have increased in popularity over the past 5 – 10 years. They haven’t been around long enough for long-term effects to be revealed. Should that be a cause for concern? Perhaps it should. E cigarettes contain a cocktail of chemicals whose long-term use may be harmful to the heart and the central nervous system.


  1. E cigarettes can function as a “gateway drug”.


According to Michael Blaha MD, MPH of John Hopkins Ciccarone Centre, use of e cigarettes has increased by around 900 % with some 40 % of users never having used traditional cigarettes. Vaping is replacing smoking, not eliminating it. Young vapers will sometimes move on to tobacco products or use them casually whenever the need or fancy arises.


  1. E cigarettes are as addictive as tobacco cigarettes, if not more so.


Users of tobacco know that their habit has serious health risks. Every packet of tobacco has grim warnings and lurid imagery all over it. So smokers tend to favour lower tar products which contain less nicotine. But e cigarettes vary the amount of nicotine they contain. Some can contain levels of nicotine which are very much higher than that of conventional cigarettes. As nicotine is a highly addictive substance this means that e cigarette use is every bit as hard to break as that of conventional cigarettes.


  1. Nicotine is bad for you.


Nicotine is a poison. It raises blood pressure, greatly increases heart rate and makes heart disease, heart attack, artery problems and strokes far more likely. High levels of nicotine counteract the effects of alcohol which encourages users to drink more. And nicotine is addictive. It is as hard to quite e cigarettes as it is to quit smoking tobacco.


But it can be done. Just give me a ring on 01403 272559 or contact me through the Contacts page of this website. Make up your mind to quite today!


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